Quickie: Cool Company- Call You Back

This isn’t a good song but it’s also a great song

So I discovered this song during a Jimmy Fallon segment entitled “Do Not Play.”

Despite the show’s lame chopping up of the song, its funkiness caught my attention and I had to check it out.

Well it slaps.

Brooklyn-based hip-hop/R&B duo, Cool Company, created a fun, dancey song about a guy having a one night stand with a girl and then not calling her afterward. It’s hilarious and kinda messed up depending on how you feel about the one-night stand situation.

The track is led by the bass line, accompanied by staccato chords and simple drums. Random little percussion and sounds fill the track out. Instrumentally, it is not complex but very fun and fits the nonchalance of the singer’s attitude. Haley Dekle perfectly plays the part she was given as the overly attached girl. There is a short rap verse and then the pitch-shifted deep voice that is mocked in the Jimmy Fallon vid. I actually really like it. It breaks up the generally high-pitched vocals of the rest of the songs while kind of mirroring the beginning verse in rhythmically.

I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s just too catchy.

Watch the absurd video below:


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