Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is a work of fiction

Her dark skin is flawless. The wild yet controlled, purposely messy natural hair, bursting over her laptop, is played with aimlessly. She smells like flowers. That was the first thing I noticed when she strolled past to occupy the seat across from mine. Something falls and I look up. She reaches down to grab her purse but catches me staring on the way back up. I throw her a shy smile because I knew that she knew that I knew that I had been caught. She goes back to typing but I see a smile gently tug at her lips. My eyes return back to the book in my hands.

That night, I ended up at this small coffee shop. My friend is doing a small gig and I wanted so show some love. Flowers? I spin a little too quickly and slam into some dude. He drops his wallet. He’s fine. Over his shoulder I see her giggling. We lock eyes and she has that moment of recognition. “Are you following me?” I ask playfully before grabbing my cranberry juice and apologizing to Todd (he looked like a Todd) once more. She rolls her eyes but doesn’t answer because she has to place her order. This woman is absolutely beautiful and I’m surprised I even got that sentence out. I grab a table to watch the show. A couple seconds later, she settles in beside me.

At home washing dishes when I hear the door open. Some shuffling before the door closes again. The familiar smell of flowers hit me before I see her reflection in the window. She’s still the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. Her hair is still perfectly everywhere. Arms envelope me from behind as she squeezes me tight, burying her head into my back. As soon as she releases I spin, pull out the box from my pocket and get to my knee. Her eyes widen. “It’s been four years since I caught a whiff or your Japanese cherry…”


“Babe, I didn’t even get to ask. I had a whole thing prepared…” She doesn’t care, she tackles me into the sink. I drop the ring and it skitters underneath stove to our left. Everything stops. I stare at her blankly.

“I change my mind,” I say deadpan. She bursts out laughing.


via Daily Prompt: Fragrance


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