Quickie: Years & Years-Desire

Throwback ya heard

I don’t listen to this band as much as I used to because…reasons. Yet, the other week this song randomly popped up and I realized (again) why I love it. “Desire” was part of an insane run of singles by the British electronic trio. This is because there album is straight up amazing, every song is good…EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. I discovered Years & Years on a playlist on YouTube with the song “Real.” The almost hypnotizing (go watch the video) instrumental mixed with Olly’s special vocals created an amazingly groovy electronic song. Add in Justin’s favorite, claps, and we have success! After that came “Take Shelter” and then “Desire.”

“Desire” kicks off with some layered “Oh’s” and a slow build with the bass drum and the main synth line matching rhythmically. Olly sings about the struggles of a relationship emotionally and he’s unsure of whether he’s feeling love or just lust. He may be trapped and disillusioned by it’s physical aspects. The chorus is great. The drums straighten out and the energy level rises (as with most choruses) Simple, catchy, dancey and almost soaring over the beat. The drums are straight forward but have some interesting rhythmical parts that spice things up. The song is short and sweet and great.

Now, I don’t know why this happened but there is another version featuring Tove Lo that I also greatly enjoy. Tove Lo adds a feminine voice to the choruses, ad-libs and the “Ohs” that flow throughout the track. She brings a new, relevant verse and an added bridge which honestly just works as well, if not better than the original.

Peep…but probably not at work:


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