I like the word “Wheel” for several reasons. Reason one: it’s invention was one of the more important ever, enabling so many things not possible to exist. Reason two: secret H that could easily mess up someone learning our recklessly hard language. Reason three: there have been thousands of rappers who have rhymed/word-played “wheel” and “will.” It is also apart of classic cliches such as: “You can see the wheels turning,” “Trying to reinvent the wheel,” “Squeaky wheel gets the grease,” “Big wheel,” and a ton more.

“YOU KNOW THAT BIG WHEEL KEEP ON TURNIN’,” exclaims Tina Turner in “Proud Mary.” The eponymous title of the post is an album by The Prestige All-Stars, an group including popular jazz musicians, most notably John Coltrane.

Teens getting awkward handjobs on Ferris wheels, people guessing letters on Wheel of Fortune or hoping to hit a dollar when they spin the wheel on Price is Right.

Here are some popular examples:

Sumerian Wheel

Bike Wheel or “Tire”

Color Wheel


via Daily Prompt: Wheel


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