A Lil Loopy

I’m getting scared yo. Recently celebrated a birthday and I’m working a 9-5 that has 0 impact on my life. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Sleep. Repeat. This loop can go weeks without changing or I can break some of it up with hanging out with friends, going to concerts, going on dates, getting hammered on the weekends. No matter what though, once Monday hits, it all starts again. Is this my life? Is this a majority of every adult life? Sprinkle in some kids and variances in money and that routine gets everyone. Some people love it, some people would rather not just be a cog in their own machine.


Haven’t done a poem in awhile:

He shoots the ball

Around the hoop

In a loop

Until it falls.

He ties his strings

of his boots

In a loop

Until it stings.

She flips her hair

while she snoops

in a loop

Until he stares.


via Daily Prompt: Loop


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