Justin Davis-Justin Davis

This is a review of me, Justin Davis, the person. Album is self-titled obviously.

Justin Davis, born today, 26 years ago, is a black male hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Now residing in Philadelphia, he attempts to slither through life as a product of his upbringing and experiences. He’s…alright.


Actual Picture of Justin

His parents raised him in church and taught him to be a generally respectable member of society. They were probably aware that his lot in life as a black man would make it harder for him but never let on that it could hinder him. They encouraged him to do things that he enjoyed and only applied force when they saw what was best for him (like getting a job). His parents were also results of their environment and could only raise him the way they thought best…which turned out to be decent. They are the reason he loves music and read a ton as a kid. Justin is curious, decent at many things, well liked (I THINK) and mostly healthy.

Not everything was/is sunshine and roses though. Personal trauma at a very young age and his first job at Walmart are two distinct events that had negative affects on Justin’s thought processes and emotional outlook. Experiencing retail first-hand formed a low expectation of humans in general and caused him to deaden his emotional range.  You can’t be hurt if you can’t feel (love proves this to be patently false no matter how hard one tries). It also made him a prolific liar. The dislike of people grew but so did a longing to be a part of society. Unsure of where his social awkwardness originated, he tries to navigate situations through analyzing all possibilities and having a prepared response. People tend to enjoy his company (GOD, I HOPE SO) but sometimes it results in him being the quietest person in the room. About the personal trauma…uuhhh nope, only family and few others know about it. Let’s just say that no good came of it, a net negative on his life projection that no child should have to experience.

Despite a concerted effort to only exhibit emotions between nothingness or joy, there is a quick tempered, easily annoyed person that is constantly kept in check. He’s made it his only goal to exclusively seek happiness. History shows that when he gets emotional, things change swiftly (and sometimes recklessly) to accommodate. Whether that be quitting a good job or ending a healthy relationship. Justin’s aware that his life outlook is inherently selfish, focused on bettering and appeasing himself first before putting a great deal of effort trying to better the world. Music makes him happy. Watching movies makes him happy. Puncturing the cellophane of a Ben&Jerry’s container makes him happy. Successfully weaving through a conversation makes him happy. Making someone else happy makes him happy. Playing the drums is not only deeply cathartic but is Justin’s positive contribution to the world and that contribution makes him happy. This pursuit of happiness, has created a strict set of social guidelines. Justin wants everyone that he interacts with to have a pleasant experience, even if he hates their guts. No excess drama, creating the least amount trouble and generally staying out the way.  This has caused sacrifices that he’s been willing to bear but he’s no saint because as previously stated…it is all for his happiness. And you know what: he’s pretty happy.

Justin Davis is a decent person. He needs to lose some weight and shrug off his tendency to choose laziness over something smarter but at 26 he’s got some time to figure it out. He uses his Twitter to vomit stream of consciousness nonsense and writes here not just for himself but in the hopes that someone can find just a little bit of joy in this RIDICULOUS WORLD.

7/10 because he got a haircut yesterday.


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