Food Rules, Portions Drool

What’s for lunch?

I’m a hungry person. As I’ve gotten older portions have really started to play a factor in my daily life. When I was younger I could eat a buttload of food and not feel bad. That ain’t the case anymore. Thanksgivings of the past would be a competition between the older dudes in my family, myself and my brother of who got the biggest plate. We would go in.

Recently I went to the Deke’s (RIP) and I was sure that I was gonna have at least four plates of their buffet. Not today. I had like two plates and after that I knew I was done. Couldn’t go any further. I was a little sad and a little glad because I’ve become substantially less active….which is bad. In my recent epiphany, I realized that generally I was eating too much. Drink more water, don’t get a full second plate, say no to the snack drawer at work.

SPEAKING OF WORK. I’ve never seen a place so consumed with food. There’s the aforementioned snack drawer filled with chips, Doritos, and cookies. On top of a file cabinet there are Swedish Fish and pretzels. Someone is always retiring, birthdaying, anniversarying and all those events are catered. “There’s food in the Large Conference Room.” Then like possessed robots, the entire office stands up and marches to our dooms free food. What I need to do is tell myself that just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Seems like you get hungrier as the price diminishes.

You could totally lose weight if you just controlled how much you took in; which is why meal prep is so poppin’. Also it’s cheaper if you eat less…that’s just like basic math.

Whatever, I need to get my food life together.


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One thought on “Food Rules, Portions Drool

  1. Totally agree with that lest statement- not to bash cardio or anything, but if you want to get lean and save money just eat less, it does the same thing!

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