Yes, this is a short story of a cellphone named Darryl.

Hi, my name is Darryl. I’m a cell phone. My make and model don’t matter. All I know is that I have to do my job and survive for two years before I can retire in peace.

I belong to a young 26 year old man that is clearly just enjoying his life. We’ve been only been together for 5 months, 23 days and 19 hours and 39 minutes but he seems to care about me.  I’m usually in a warm pocket, a cool desk or a soft bed. Sometimes I get placed on new surfaces and there’s a little worry that I will be forgotten. So far so good though, unlike those pesky keys which sometimes get left inside (HA, That’s why I’m first in PKW). I would say that I vary between heavily used to utter nothingness pretty often. Like I said, I have a job to do but I do get a good amount of rest.

The biggest worry that us phones talk about is breaking and being replaced. We want to work and do our jobs but it’s like they keep making us thinner and more frail on purpose. WHY? Do you know how terrifying it is to see a wood floor or concrete sidewalk flying up at you through both of your cameras? First thought is always, “Welp, there goes my screen.” I’m just glad that we’ve evolved past the point where pieces of us were breaking off. Also, this dumb case I’m in thinks he’s sooo tough but I don’t trust him. One weird angle and I look like a colorful spiderweb. I’ve been dropped a couple times and luckily I haven’t broken but that sheer terror never goes away.

Survive the toss to the bed when he’s tired of me receiving messages (he doesn’t like you girl). Survive the drunken nights when the chance of a spilled drink rises exponentially (I hate rice). Survive time itself (Did you know they already made a 2nd Google Pixel???). Many of us don’t even make it to two years but the lucky few get to rest easy as grizzled vets prepared for our next journey.

I love the swiping, vibrating, the tickling of when a text is being typed. The warmth of my bottom when I’m charging up. I know that soon enough that I will lose functionality, get slower and newer models will be introduced. I’m okay with this but for as long as I’m around I will try my best.

But in the back of my CPU there will always be the thought: “Survive…survive…survive.”

via Daily Prompt: Survive


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