Impression: Personal Anecdotes Through Definition

1. an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence.
I was on a road trip this past weekend and I saw two older white gentleman in a pickup truck with a “Trump/Pence” bumper sticker. My immediate impression: I can’t believe those dudes ruined their car with bumper stickers.
Pop-up Thought: Don’t be weirdo on Tinder. You get one chance to make a good impression.
2. an imitation of a person or thing, especially one done to entertain.
There were plenty of times that I did an impression of someone who cared about another person. I was a cashier at Walmart, I was pretty much a professional impressionist. Also, some Uber drivers just like to talk and I’m too kind to just not respond so I impersonate a participant in this conversation.
3. a mark impressed on a surface by something.
Screw office jobs forreal. Not because of the work but because of the negative affect on your body. I know there are options that can make it less bad but I think my desk is too tall for one of those ugly ball chairs. My current chair won’t stay up (I need to run) and the butt impressions have dimished comfort. Somewhat related, don’t sit on your wallet. Other than the indent that will be left on your leg/butt, it can seriously jack your back and hip up.


via Daily Prompt: Impression


3 thoughts on “Impression: Personal Anecdotes Through Definition

  1. Haha the definitions, especially the first one was filled with humour. Loving the way that you look at different kinds of words from a whole new perspective, and your writing skill is on point when it comes to describing those words. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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