Eeehhhhh, read it anyway.

Think about it. What could have launched your life in a different direction? What small stroke of luck or extra minute of practice catapults you into stardom. For most of us there is nothing like this but for some it was close that you could almost taste it.

What are you good at? I believed everybody on the planet is good at something. You cannot exist not being good at anything. I don’t care whether it’s an instrument or sewing or like being a jerk. You could use what you’re good at to your benefit. What if one day you are doing something that you love and someone with some connections sees you. Just like that you are launched into a new world where what essentially was a hobby can now grow and be perfected.

Or not.

Not everybody wants to be famous. Some hobbies develop outta boredom and they have no desire to master a craft because it is just a good way to crush some time. For example, I suck at video games…like really suck. I play them waaay more than the average person though because they are fun and I have friends that play them. I’m not going to go pro and become the next Faker or Justin Wong but that’s not my goal. I do wish I was better but oh well.





Final thought: You remember that girl who got rocked by a watermelon when her catapult misfired. Her friend showed no sympathy. “You have to finish.” It was a hilarious.

via Daily Prompt: Catapult


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