A Grown Man and His Blankie

I didn’t know I was waiting for a topic until now.

Everybody should have an extra large blanket.

About five or six years ago, during the winter break of some year in college, I bought the most important purchase in my entire life.

That is an exaggeration but not by much.

I have a red, king-sized fleece blanket from Walmart. It has been at my feet through everything. Are my feet cold? Blanket. Do I need an extra layer during the winter? Blanket. Am I locking in for a long night of gaming? Blanket. The use is not about warmth exclusively, the comfort of being covered is what I’ve grown to need. It’s on my lap even during the summer. It usually resides under my desk, so sometimes it smells like feet…but it always smells like me. I rarely wash it, which is probably gross but I don’t care, I’m the only one partaking of its services. The size of Big Red is conducive for cocooning (or burritoing) and I am not a small man so that is a huge plus. I’ve had sex on it, I’ve eaten on it. It’s been to the beach and I think in my backyard in Harrisburg. (I’ve washed it after all of these occasions, I’m not a monster.)

I’ve thought about replacing it with a newer model…but why?

via Daily Prompt: Blanket


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