This counts, right? It’s not my fault Christian Grey spells his name differently.

via Daily Prompt: Gray

I haven’t watched or read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I haven’t really had the desire to ingest the material and not because I’m some uptight, “Sex is icky” person. My problem is that I’m worried that it’ll be terrible. Now I have previously mentioned that I will partake in things that have been popular just so I can be knowledgeable about a craze.  This book was everywhere, hard copies and online book sales were skyrocketing, movies (THAT’S PLURAL) have been made. It was wild.

The whole thing was very interesting to me as not the target audience. The United States is a notoriously sex-negative country. Nudity is frowned upon more than gratuitous violence. I would posit this is because of the deep-seated religious foundation of the United States. Add our comparably long history/obsession with war and that explains that. Now of course, sex and the sex industry has always been there and probably thriving but mostly in the dark. Unless you are comfortable with people or in a designated forum, the topic is met with general weirdness and blushed faces.

Fifty Shades saw people picking up this story in droves. Why was it so popular? Was the subject matter so taboo that this story provided an escape for sexually repressed women? Sure a lot of people could read it on a kindle and nobody would be the wiser but the hard copy was still bought in record numbers.

I have seen the taboo around the topic starting to be slowly peeled back. There is the #FreeTheNipple movement and sex-ed trying to be taught at younger ages. More conservative people would argue that this is because the country is becoming more Godless. I don’t care what you believe but sex is here to stay and the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey was definitely a sign of a more modern America.




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