Quickie: Die With a Smile-FKJ

Welp. New week. New song.

So French Kiwi Juice was an album that I was thinking about reviewing in totality but… didn’t. I really liked the project because in general it was a soulful yet bouncy electronic album. It was good but it wasn’t world-breaking, which while an unrealistic expectation, should be noted because the genre he lives in is saturated.  Still, it’s a strong offering. For me, FKJ’s strength lies in dope vocal samples, bass lines, crisp drums and overall feel. I’ve seen his name all over the place attached to remixes or loosies and while I’ve not followed the Frenchmen closely I will check out anything he’s done. Wait…does that mean I follow him closely? :thinking: Anyway in my opinion the highlights under his belt include the tracks “Unchained,” “Lying Together” and a sweet remix of “Pretty Thoughts” by Alina Baraz and Galimatias.

“Die With A Smile” probably isn’t even the best song on his debut album but it does do a feel/beat change midway through that is really special. The track starts in which you will soon find out is half time. A guitar solos between a repeated refrain while drums and muted synths pleasantly plod along while the title is sung intermittently. It is airy and just hip enough to not be considered smooth jazz. Then we get launched into something more in line with the rest of the album. The tempo picks up and instead For me it’s unexpectedness is what got me. In no way is it jarring though. On the contrary, once the switch occurs it absolutely makes sense. The second half the song is also accompanied by perfectly harmonious, easily whistleable (that can’t be a word) horn line. It is short and sweet before the song wraps up nicely the way it started.

So apparently FKJ actually stands for “French Kiwi Juice” meaning the album is self titled. Dude’s real name is Vincent Fenton. That’s not really relevant but I found it out as I was “researching” the artist.

Anyway, song is dope.


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