Quickie: Precious Possession-Anna Wise

As I am in full zombie mode after getting no sleep I’m writing this to stay awake.

Spotify knows me too well. I have no idea how I found this song but I’m glad I did. Anna Wise is a Brooklyn-based singer who is largely known for being on every. single. Kendrick. album from Good Kid, M.A.A.D City to DAMN. She’s in several bands outside of her work with K.Dot and also releases her own music. So far she has release two projects: The Feminine: Act I and II, with Act II being released earlier this year. I would say her style is like soulful electronic. It’s extremely produced but still subdued, groovy but odd enough that keeps it right up my alley. Her music reminds of the kind of music I loved when I was in my teens. Not saying Anna’s music is immature but just that I was younger when I discovered this kind of music. Maybe I’m over analyzing it. Anyway, a lot of her message on The Feminine: Act I, from which “Precious Possession” is located has an extremely strong female message. You don’t go listen to a project called The Feminine, look at the song titles and think this is going to be about the struggle of dogs in West Africa. At some points the message is almost too heavy handed but it is still largely enjoyable.

“Precious Possession” is a softer track that still makes me bob my head and brings a slight curl of interested delight to my eyebrow. The songs start with the pre-chorus containing vocal layers and straight forward drums. The feel changes a bit as the electric snares lightly march along with a steady bass drum for the verses.  Lyrically, Ms. Wise speaks about being what guys want and how they should make her their girlfriend. She repeats lines like “Will you call me your girlfriend, I wanna be a princess.” She’s delicate and wants to be owned by a man but also posits that by being all these things she is lying to herself. The ending is seems like some sort of inner turmoil between these two ideas.

“I’m addicted to myself
I’m addicted to my wealth
And lying to myself”

My favorite parts of this song are Anna’s rhythmic singing juxtaposed with monotonic melodies during the verses. I’ve rewound the beginning of the second verse numerous times. Anna’s voice goes from a soft lower almost talking voice to a higher, more melodic singing. There is a sections of “ooohs”throughout the track that I really like. One of my favorite musical happenings appear here with snaps on an off beat (Another example is the claps on Rihanna’s “Work”). The use of space is wonderful and some of it is filled with a seemingly random beep, tone or exaggerated inhale.

This song is entrancing and I can’t stop listening to it. The video is pretty cool, watch it here:



Ps: Listen to “Coconuts” as well.


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