Chuckles are Polite Lies!

Chuckles are an interesting tool that I employ often. Some are genuine, many are not. They should convey that something provided a little bit of entertainment but did not warrant a full laugh. At other times, a chuckle could be done out of politeness; signalling that whatever you just showed me wasn’t as funny as you thought or “Please leave me alone but I’m too nice to say that.”

These little laughs can snowball into a constant barrage of memes and stupid videos your co-workers feel they need to show you. All because you chuckled. Oh, so now I’m dull or in a bad mood because that video that I saw three days ago, didn’t make me burst at the seams with laughter? I gave you the bare minimum, read the situation.

This sounds mean. That bum falling from 20 feet, landing onto a car and walking away like it was nothing was actually funny (crack is a helluva drug).

Just be careful, chuckle honestly.

via Daily Prompt: Chuckle


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