Sorry Sliced Bread but Facebook is the Greatest Invention of All Time

Yay, overused meme as the title! I’m sorry about that, and it is probably not even true. For example, we have toilets and I don’t know, chairs with wheels on them. I’m not changing my sensationalist title because Facebook has absolutely changed the game when it comes to social media and giving people the ability to voice their opinions. Now I’m sure there have been a billion articles written about Facebook but this just has to do with my feed. So if ALL of your friends are from Fiji and or only care about a certain type of fish, then you may not understand the diversity that I see.

So I have a wide collection of “friends” and they are broken down into several categories:

Actual Friends: I know these people and are actually…uh…somewhat interested in the things they post or things they could invite me to. I’ve spent time with these people and can relate to them.

Family and “Actual Friends” Family: Free likes

Other people: This is everybody else. Includes people from high school, people from work, hot girls, people that have found you after house parties,  These also can be broken down into people who:

  • post funny things
  • post controversial things
  • post popular or news stuff
  • only have opinions

This may sound a little harsh but if your posting on my feed doesn’t benefit me at all, then you’re gone. In all honesty though, I’ve actually only deleted like three people. I have kept people purely because I am nosy and want to see what is happening in their lives. You should also know that I keep people as friends even if their opinions are misinformed and complete opposite of mine.

The reason that Facebook is so great is because it gives people a place to talk; a person can be as bold, silly, hateful, or dumb as they want. They can then be immediately judged on what they say by others that are just as free as the poster. This site lets you know what popular thoughts are or tell you that this person has pretty stupid friends. The fact that you choose everyday what you see is incredible. “Oh, I hate that you like beer and broccoli dipped in molasses” Don’t just complain about it to all your friends…DELETE THEM.  There is no reason to be complaining about what others are posting when you don’t have to see them.

The thing that I’ve noticed even more recently is that Facebook is just a cesspool of reposted memes and videos. Also there is always something happening in the world that demands to take over our newsfeeds but then eventually dies. Buzzfeed was/is EVERYWHERE (trying to modify this word in every way to prove a point). Kony, those red equal signs, the Harlem shake, Ice bucket challenges, Michael Brown are all examples of things that have and will eventually go away. Whether you are participating in these fads, against them or even better the people against the people that are against the fads (I’ll give you a moment), it all passes.

In the midst of all of this, there is that one guy posting hilarious content, someone posting a music video they loved, a girl announcing that she is in a relationship, and your grandma leaving totally unrelated comments on your statuses. I’m on Facebook all the time and sure I have a very strict set of personal rules that I follow but please friends, continue to do what you do, I need all of it.

I love Facebook.

What a great time to be alive.


Yes, It Is Fun

I haven’t done a song review in awhile.  It’s a shame really because there have absolute gems that have made me smash repeat over and over again. Unfortunately I will not be writing about those now. Today is Paramore’s day.

I’m not supposed to like Paramore and under normal circumstances I would even deny that I do.  It’s a lie, I don’t actively go searching for their music but I’ve never heard anything disappointing from them. Also, before I go too far, I don’t know that much about them and I’m not going to claim to know all their songs. There are two things about them that I guess stand out. Hayley Williams has a great voice and crazy hair but she sounds great over the music and is a welcome change from the hordes of male rock singers. Plus she’s hot and we’ve seen her boobs (There is your daily dose of female objectification, SORRY). The other is the drums, they are good. I think they’ve had 2 different drummers but it doesn’t matter, they sound great. As a drummer, when it comes to rock bands, the drums have to be really good, like noticeably good and Paramore has them.

Ok so the song that this whole thing is about is “Ain’t It Fun.” Ugh, this song is so good. I know why I think this song is good but I don’t actually understand how. First, it tugs on my nostalgia strings by using a marimba accompanied by guitar. Then it goes right into a super groovy rock song. Repetitive, catchy as balls melody, incredible sounding drums. Then the chorus hits and I give up. Hayley and the gang make some musical decisions, both chordal and rhythmically, that really appeal to me. As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not a music theory head so I can’t tell you why I like it so much but oh boy, it is goood.

“Ain’t It Fun” also has a breakdown and a shout chorus. Shakes head. Classic. It’s like they asked themselves, “What else could we do to make this song perfect?”

I’m being dramatic. To be honest, Paramore isn’t exactly reinventing the rock band wheel but they did make a song that is incredibly catchy…AND THE DRUMS JUST SOUND SO GOOD. Can’t even finish the whole thing before I just start it over.