I’m Alive, I Guess

Well then. It has been several months since I’ve written anything. Sorry to disappoint the fans…

So this will just be an update just to account for all that has happened since *checks* May 6th (wow). I like bullet points so we’ll do that.

  •  Still at the library

These people have been so good to me, it is unreal. I was set to leave because the department had run out of money and could no longer pay me. Right before that happened another department in the same office rehired me, they offered me more pay and more hours. That was great and now I could go from barely being alive and high-quality (if I do say so myself) mooching to eating meals and doing normal non-starving people things.


This is a big deal, I hate moving so much. Plus the house is big and cheap. Unfortunately our landlord is still a scumbag and still miserable to deal with. We think he has either a drug or gambling addiction but who knows, I don’t have to move. OK, well I did move up to the third floor, which wasn’t that bad. The room is smaller and I have too many clothes (from the fat days) but other than that, I like it. There is one big negative though, the internet blows up here. That shall be remedied soon enough.

  • I have an interview tomorrow

And honestly I’m terrified. It’s at a place that I’ve interned at and everybody knows me. I know how they operate and I seem like the logical choice, they would barely have to train me. That’s the problem though, it seems like such a lock that I’m worried that I’m gonna screw it up somehow. Plus I’ve grown to hate interviews; they are so formal and basically you talk about how great you are. So I know that this is a terrible mindset to have before an interview but I’ll be fine when the time comes. Also should I wear a jacket and where is my other dress shoes??? Will SEPTA try to screw me?

  • Am I old?

My body hurts. My wrists, ankles and back feel like they’ve been doing something. I’ve been running a good amount recently so maybe that explains some of it but other than that, please go away pain.  Maybe I’m lazier than I think I am. *shrugs*

I woke up with a headache and it hasn’t went away. Been having a lot of those recently. No me gusta…MOOOOOMMMM!??!!!??

  • But What Do I Want?

I want to doink (Read: Crush, Smash, etc) this interview tomorrow. I want to keep my girlfriend happy. I desperately want to get better at the drums (One of my new roommates is a drummer and he’s good, so that’s really motivating). I want to not be broke anymore, just to see what it feels like. I want CLG to go to Worlds (this will be irrelevant to most of you…all 0 of you).

Whatever, I wrote a lot. I have a bunch of songs to share too; I’ve been binging on a bunch of songs recently that I think should be talked about. Sorry there no pretty pictures or funny gifs, just wanted to write something.


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