It is 11:09 PM.

I have to be up at 4:30 AM tomorrow, get on a bus, then onto a trolley and finally another bus.  This final bus is a school bus where I am a bus monitor for 50 or so kids. These kids are not nice, they do not sit in their seats, talk quietly or keep their hands to themselves. They insist on hitting each other and incessantly insulting anyone that looks at them.  Finally, they yell constantly…apparently that 3rd grader cannot hear you from 5 ft away if you talk at a normal volume.

This job sucks.

Well, this post is not about why this group of kids behave in this ridiculous manner. Nope, it is about me and how I found myself in this strange, eternally tired, yet completely explainable and somewhat deserved schedule. I’ll try not to complain too much because nobody wants to hear that (plus who reads this anyway). The point is that I did this to myself.  My nonchalance during the four years in which I should have completed college have led me to this extra year, doing less than awesome things.

I have declared many times that I hate buses. They are so…public. I don’t know, something about them bugs me out.  It’s like still being outside….whatever. Anyway, last September I had to start riding the bus regularly for my internship; this is the exact moment my very real burning hate for SEPTA started. SEPTA is a topic for another day; I want to fully articulate my disdain (so be looking out for that).  Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, my boss asks me if I want to be a bus monitor. It pays…YES, I’LL TAKE IT.  Now, shout-out (one or two words, is there a hyphen??) to Ms. H; it was only after my poooor behind said I would do it that she told me that it would be one of the least behaved buses and the stops were nearly an hour away…at 5:way too early AM. This means I have to get up at 4:30 everyday. *cries*

*Pause* So yeah, the first stop is at 5:45 AM and this is elementary school kids we’re talking about…Wat…So. Early.

Currently, I am on a form of transportation for 5 (afternoons too) hours a day. For someone who hate buses, this is brutal. It doesn’t help that for 3 of those hours I spend telling 1st-3rd graders to sit down, be quiet, yes I go to Temple, I am 22 years old, yes I have a girlfriend, and no you cannot move seats.

You know what’s worse? I am exhausted all the time now. Get home at 6:42PMish (grumble SEPTA grumble) and I am beat.  I hate that; it makes me want to do so little with the rest of my day.

Uh, excuse me Mr. Writer. If you’re tired, then why are you up at 12:03 AM writing this instead of sleeping??

Because I suck. Last year at this time, I would go to bed at around 4 AM (don’t try this at home kids, it’s dumb).  OK, so for the better, my sleep schedule has somewhat reset itself; although I believe waking up before the sun is cruel and unusual.

As I previously mentioned, this is all my fault.  This could have totally been avoided.  I could have finished school earlier but I was lazy and many other lazy decisions that led to me being super broke and taking jobs I don’t love for meh money.  I deserve this, so I will suffer through it until I make a change or something good randomly happens.

I’m done with this. I’m tired. So let’s end this on a good note: F#

Hehe not gonna lie, I’m proud of that

12:22 AM Whoa, that was long  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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