First off, sorry I haven’t written anything in like 30 days. I’ve been doing other stuff. 




For the purpose of this post I’m gonna assume my audience are people like me. 

So at my age, I am in prime physical condition (lol) to take care of another tiny human. I don’t need sleep and I have the energy to keep up with a tiny fleshy poop sack. I could do it right? Right?? I doubt it. First off, at my ripe age of 22 I have recently transitioned into the stage of my life where a good night’s rest is greatly desired above things like cultural experiences and meals with sides. To go into this a little deeper, this sleep stage follows the college years; where midday naps are are highly valued and the night is reserved for everything but sleep. Back to the point, I need sleep and from what I’ve heard babies do not care…selfish bastards (Oops). On a somewhat related note, there goes all my time. When am I gonna have time to continuously be mediocre at League of Legends, wreck Netflix, play the drums and spend way too much time on Reddit. I’m just way too immature for this.The most important part though: Money. I have none. The End. That’s it, posts over, go home. Seriously, I barely have enough to support myself and now I have to feed and provide for another person who is way more picky than I am??

Image  Pls

To clarify, at some point I absolutely want to have kids when the time is right. I want to be the best dad, firm but fair. Funny and trustworthy. I’m black so despite the odds, I plan on being present (Haaaa burn). Also, you have to name that thing; to me, this is way more important than it seems. It is like my generation desperately wants to be different and in a few years there will be a decent group of people with names that are flat out ridiculous. I am not saying everybody has to have a boring name but please think of your child.

Just in case you are wondering, my girlfriend is not pregnant. My parents would execute me and then resurrect me to make sure I took care of it. I had more to say but I forgot it all because wrestling was on and Daniel Bryan went crazy.

Seriously though, if you can afford it and can give your child a good environment to grow up in, go for it.

LAST THING : If you think all babies are cute, you are a liar.


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