So What If I Had Ice Cream For Breakfast

OK that probably wasn’t a great idea but who cares? It was there, waiting for me in the freezer and I wanted it.  I don’t care that for the next three hours I would be gassy; I was super happy.  Sometimes you have to do what makes you happy.  I think that everybody should have little moments of joy in life because before you know it, you’re 37 and stuck a miserable routine of office jobs, bills and kids.  Actually it is unfair to assume that scenario is miserable for everyone but it doesn’t sound great to me.  The future is not the point of this post though; I want to encourage anyone who trips and lands on this page to just take great joy in the little things right now.

Whether it is finding Twinkies during a zombie apocalypse (Zombieland is a phenomenal movie) or smashing some Ben and Jerry’s at 8 am, try to make yourself happy.  Life isn’t always great and if you dwell on those less than awesome aspects you will undoubtedly get depressed.  You could be super poor (me), be at a job you don’t like or be in a relationship that is not going well.  All of these suck, so you have to find something that can bring you a little joy, even for a moment.  It doesn’t matter what it is; watch TV, play games, get lost in something and for that brief moment just let it all go.

Unless your thing is murder…don’t do that for fun.  Go see therapist.

I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU WHAT FLAVOR I WAS EATING: It was Karamel Sutra from Ben & Jerry’s mmm


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