Drake Spelled a Word Wrong (Week of 2/17)

Before I reveal the song that has been on repeat recently, let me explain what music means to me. I love music, I feel that it should be in the background at all times. It can do so much to deepen an experience for people and sometimes attaches itself to memories. Music can stimulate emotion that ranges from pure joy to fiery rage and it blows my mind that people can manipulate sounds to elicit such strong response from people they do not know. I myself am a musician and being able to make someone happy brings me a great deal of happiness. Ok ok I’ll get to the song.

I don’t like Drake, I think he’s lame and a little corny. Unfortunately, some of his music isn’t terrible. Actually, my distaste for him as a person has created this bias that has stopped me from fully diving into his music.  I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that several of his songs are in my rotation. Uh…looking back, it looks like I’m a fan BUT NO I WILL NOT SAY IT.

Anyway, Nothing Was the Same came out a few months ago and overall I think it is okay. There are few songs that I really like but the rest is just a bit bland to me. Yesterday, I re-listened to the whole album and my opinion didn’t really change but “Come Thru” stood out to me. Listened to it again…yeah this song is incredible. It is not a super exciting track but the instrumental is super smooth and the simple repetitive melody is pretty addicting to me. I couldn’t care less what Drake is actually saying but his vocals perfectly complement the song as another instrument. It is a really well made tune tucked near the end of the album, right behind “Pound Cake,” another song I really like but Jay-Z’s verse is better, so there’s that.

So yeah, I’ll try to get this song out of my head and try not to look like fool saying I dislike the one of the most play artist in personal collection (I blame “Show Me a Good Time” being on my bedtime playlist for months).


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