A Grown Man and His Blankey

I don’t know the statistics of males over 12 that have a favorite blanket but I am one of them. It is a red king-sized fleece blanket that I bought from Walmart about 5 years ago. From that day this bad boy has been warming my lower body daily. Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in front of a desk this blanket and I have a relationship that would make my parents uncomfortable. It matters not the temperature outside; it has been the middle of summer and legs been covered. We’ve shared so much together and it’s the best because it doesn’t have an opinion or judge me for playing League of Legends for twelve hours. Recently we’ve started sleeping together much to my chagrin; not my fault it is so warm. Recently, I’ve had thoughts of replacing it with a newer one but that seems wrong. I probably should just wash it.


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